Aerial Acquisitions - The smart choice for aerial imagery

Aerial Acquisitions in an Australian owned company with a wealth of experience in the capture, processing and analysis of airborne imagery and geospatial data. We offer a range of complete mapping solutions from ready to go 'off the shelf' data sets to new capture airborne imagery.

Welcome to Aerial Aquisitions

Previously high resolution digital aerial photography was only affordable to a few select industries with deep pockets. Aerial Acquisitions is changing that by employing new camera technology to make high resolution aerial photography and geospatial data affordable to everyone. Our prices are competitive with new capture satellite imagery, while offering better resolution, cloud free imagery and faster turnaround times.  To put it simply if you haven’t got a quote for us on your next project then you are probably paying more than you need to.


Camera Calibration - 15/10/2012

New 6 band Camera - 15/10/2012

Survey Aircraft Operational - 27/06/2012