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Portable Mapping Pods for Project based Imagery

One application of our new portable aerial mapping systems is in the provision of project based imagery, asset mapping and updating of GIS. A great example of this type of project is a 3 square kilometer mapping project we flew over the Parramatta stadium precinct a few weeks ago. Flying out of Camden airport in a Cessna 172, we were able to capture the 3 sqkm of 6 cm GSD imagery in a flight lasting a little over an hour. A Cessna 172 with pilot can be hired for around $350 an hour in Sydney. So using one of our mapping pods and hiring a local Cessna this project could have been captured for around $380.00 AUD. So much for the much for that expensive aircraft myth!

From the high overlap 6 cm GSD imagery we were able to create an accurate high resolution Orthophoto, a dense point cloud and digital surfaces (DEM, DSM).  Below is a screen grab of the point cloud of the stadium.


Point Cloud of Parramatta Stadium


Our mapping pods can be hired on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis, and we provide full training on their use. Systems can be flown by a pilot only meaning that you don’t have to physically be in the aircraft when the data is captured. So why not think about one for your next project?

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