Mapping Pod to Be based in Tasmania Over Summer

Traditionally imagery in Tasmania has been captured by aircraft and sensors based on the mainland. Who would monitor the weather from Victoria, or South Australia and only fly across to attempt image capture when there were sure of good weather. This often meant long waits for data, and in lots of cases data not being captured at all. Well we are going to change that this summer by having a system permanently based in Tasmania over the summer flying period. We will have one of our portable mapping pods operational ready to capture data by early December, and it will remain in Tasmania until March, depending on weather. It will still be available during the off season but on an on demand basis. From our system we will be offering high resolution RGB, and Multispectral aerial imagery. Which has applications across numerous industries including forestry, natural resource monitoring, mining, precision agriculture and government. So if you are sick of waiting for the others to deliver and want fast, accurate and extremely affordable imagery contact us about your next project.

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Erron Gardner

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